Singer · Songwriter · Guitarist
Matt Harmon


“I'm watching this lunar eclipse through these clouds and I can see why in Bible times people could freak out as the moon turned red and then vanished discretely then turned red again and emerged quite completely”.
From ~ In the Beginning

“I wish that you could be with me, hanging out on Saturn's rings. We'd juggle moons and cosmic things. Our legs would dangle down and swing”.
From ~ Saturn's Rings

“I often sit and ponder, Carl Sagan style, ya'll, about the cosmic yonder and the meaning of it all”.
From ~ But Then Again

“When will I learn not to forsake the tree for the promise of a forest I can't even see”?
From ~ Over You

“The way to save the world today, is to hold our present path, and soon a healthy planet will remember us and laugh”.
From ~ A Plan to save the World

“I'll always believe that it ended too soon. She's like ice cream that melts at the touch of the spoon”.
From ~ Shy in the Wings

“Falling in love with a lesbian is like falling apart at the seams. Falling for the girl, that's falling for the girl, that's falling for the girl of your dreams”.
From ~ Falling

“You win some and you lose some but you really get the blues from trying to love someone that is not right for you. We'll no longer get dim sum then go back to bed and do some of those things that we both really like to do”.
From ~ Return the Blue

“Life is meant to be the only luxury, and still we suffocate, crushed beneath the weight of our belongings”.
From ~ Take Your Time

“Your body's more water than anything else but you've still got to learn how to swim. If you're ever unsure what to do with yourself, be sure to go out on a limb”.
From ~ Thumbs on the Wheel

“It's a simple observation, a single point of light, a tiny little marble in shades of blue and white. But look a little closer, there's a great surprise in store, intelligence of life, and casualites of war”.
From ~ Marble

“She cuts a path to the moon, driving through the midnight blue, mountain air blows her hair back into style. And she ain't looking back to that broken down shack, she's running as free as a child”.
From ~ Free as a Child

“When you're feeling your weakest just stand up and shout. Don't hurt anybody, but do let it out”.
From ~ The Rhythm Inside Us

“There'll be no more disasters like the earthquake or the flood and there's never any need to be alarmed. You'll never see a city be reduced to heaps of mud, and you'll never see nobody come to harm”.
From ~ Happy Song

“It's the perfect life, or so it would seem, but I'm a woman away from the American Dream”.
From ~ American Dream

“I heard that story from a preacher on a soapbox, he tried to tell me he was God. At first I thought he looked like he could probably use a detox, then I saw the lightning rod”.
From ~ Pay Attention

“It's a very short time that we wander here, it's truly the blink of an eye. With so many days wasted worrying, crying and wondering why”.
From ~ Wondering Why

“I'll be over the hill all hopped up on pills you'll be gone and I'll be missing you still”.
From ~ Missing You Still

“Saturn, Neptune, Mercury, Venus and Mars, everybody's dancing round the very same star"”.
From ~ Rises and Sets